Trinidad Construction takes an account based approach to all of our client relationships.   Meaning we can be your partner for any and all of your construction needs.

Trinidad has completed thousands of interior renovation and build-out projects for clients throughout the Midwest.

We also provide Ground-Up New Construction services for many of our clients.

We are experienced in many industries including Retail, Restaurant, Office, Commercial, Industrial and Health Care.   We work hard to develop an understanding of each of our clients’ expectations, and understand that you are hiring Trinidad to help make your life easier.

Trinidad partners have entrusted us to do some amazing things.    This includes:

  • Renovating 57 Unique sites in one week for a Retail Client
  • Completing the largest construction project in 20 years, inside of the world’s largest industrial bakery
  • Successfully completing a $1 Million+ Renovation of an existing facility in less than five days, and finishing two hours early
  • Emergency repairs to 125 individual sites in 3 weeks
  • Building three new buildings for one client in less than ten months, New Ground-Up Construction
  • Execution of nearly 5,000 construction projects in ten years across 13 states