Walgreen’s Case Study – 2000+ Stores in 13 States; Corporate Offices and Much More!


Walgreen's Corporation


Executing Complex Remodels in Occupied Stores; Corporate Campus Work; Historic Renovations; Hyper-Fast Projects and Emergency Repairs


Partner with Walgreens to Build Strategies to allow us to accomplish the unthinkable in over 2,000 stores in 13 states, including - Remodel of 57 stores in one week; A full store renovation in five nights; Major emergency repairs to 108 locations in 3 weeks

Walgreen’s gave Trinidad it’s first big shot, two weeks after starting in business. The first year we completed two large, complex remodels of Walgreen’s Stores in Chicago. In ten years, we have grown to become the top Walgreen’s Store Remodel Contractor in America. We have completed over 2,000 store remodel projects in 13 States. This includes 57 renovations in one week, and a $1 Million+ Full Store Renovation in Five Nights!

We have also completed a number of complex, large-scale renovations of Walgreen’s Corporate Campus Offices and Conference Rooms. We maintain a large crew of Union Carpenters on site, full-time, at the Corporate Campus performing special projects, and corporate maintenance.

Trinidad’s Facility Service Division provides daily service to over 400 Walgreens Midwestern Store Locations.   From emergency repairs, to scheduled service calls, Trinidad typically performs over 1,000 Service Projects, every six months.

In 2020, Trinidad’s team stepped up to the plate, when over 1 Million Chicago residents were left without access to an open pharmacy after the tragic and heartbreaking civil unrest in June.   Trinidad’s Self-Perform Team of Maintenance Technicians and other Union Carpenters, Laborers and Cement Masons helped bring 108 Walgreens stores back online within three weeks.   We were able to strategically re-open 40 locations in just the first week.

Other projects have included renovations in Historic Buildings, Building many new concepts, and mentoring smaller minority businesses on numerous jobs.