Argonne National Laboratory – Large Scale Renovations and Build-Out


Argonne National Laboratory - Large Scale Renovations and Build-Out


Provide tenant improvement and remodel services for both occupied and new buildings located on campus.


Provide an experienced project management team, with outstanding communication skills, to successfully complete complex projects in short time frame.

Argonne National Laboratory is well-known in the Chicagoland Construction Market for having perhaps the most stringent safety and quality requirements and procedures in the industry.  It’s often said, if a contractor can work at Argonne, they can work anywhere.   Trinidad has delivered numerous successful remodel and build-out projects at Argonne, without any recordable safety incidents.

LOM 437 Build-out:  Interior build-out of 10,000 square foot office space.   Included new MEP systems, and full interior office finishes.

Building 201 2nd Floor Renovation:  Demolition and Remodel of 18,000 square feet of office, into a new open office concept.   Work included full mechanical upgrades.   All work was executed in a fully occupied facility, just outside of the office of the laboratory’s executive management team.

Physical Therapy Build-out:   Demolition of the existing employee blood bank area, and conversion into a new physical therapy space.   Work was phased to allow the existing clinic to continue to see patients during the conversion.

Building 200 E-Wing:  Renovation of 11 existing laboratories.   Work also included office renovations.

Typical project size range ($200,000 – $2,000,000)

Trinidad was nominated as “Supplier of the Year” by Argonne National Laboratory.